Macbeth Q&A With Mr. McAteer

Yo, ‘sup? Macbeth is up, yo. A’ight, what’s a thane? Glad you asked. The beginning can get really confusing if you don’t know. Take notes; I’m about to get medieval on you. Middle Ages are all about land ownership. King owns all the land, gives land grants to his vassals. In Scotland, the vassal closest

Growth Mindset, Teacher Style

Growth mindset is not just for students. If I want to get better at my job, I need to be willing to seek feedback on what I’m doing, acknowledge mistakes, and focus my effort on learning from the work we’re doing together. While you don’t give me feedback in the same ways that I give

BBC America Interview with American literature teacher, Michael McAteer

By Percival Buckingham-Jones PB-J:    So you’re really into the religion thing in Lord of the Flies. MM:    Yeah, it’s kind of interesting.  But why are you interviewing me.  I’m just a high school teacher, not a literature professor. PB-J:    Well, we had a lot of more impressive people scheduled, but you were the only one