About Mr. McAteer

I’ve been teaching at NCHS since 1996, after using enough proper grammar while coaching JV boys basketball in ’95 to earn my way into this English gig. In addition to teaching English and coaching basketball, I have also taught Global History.

But what you probably want to do now is get a little better acquainted with the present me instead of the historical me. So let me tell you a little about myself. Outside of singing Titanium with unparalleled passion while driving alone after dropping the kids off at swim practice, I’ve been playing around with this website, reading some things, but spending most of my time doing the kind of labor I had spent a lifetime trying to avoid – building closets, pulling weeds, pruning trees, et cetera. It’s too painful to think about right now.

I’d rather just get started with the whole business of school. See you soon. If you need to get in touch with me, send an email to michael.mcateer@ncps-k12.org.

Mr. McAteer

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