The Big Three Strategies to Master Any Assignment

Please keep in mind that what I’m presenting here is a set of strategies, not restrictive expectations for how you go about your reading and writing. That being said, I wouldn’t be spending time on them if experience didn’t tell me that these strategies will be an enormous benefit to…

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This Week in Mr. McAteer’s Class: Sept. 15-19

What a surprise - the new U2 album came out last week!

All the prelude is over, your minds are feeling the freedom from the baggage of what School wants you to think, and you’re ready to think for yourselves as you dive into literature in APE and HouSE (Yeah, the acronyms are a little bit of a stretch). In Journalism, you’re…

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This Week: Sept. 8-12

You'll find this quotable quote on the door to our very own Chokey.

This Week in Mr. McAteer’s Classes Every Sunday when I have the time, I will try to provide you with an overview of the week’s activities. Because we have Open House on Thursday night, this installment of “This Week in Mr. McAteer’s Classes” might create the impression that I’m very…

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