I Test Conrad’s Universal Truths While Shoveling My Driveway


For us to consider a literary “truth” to be “universal,” and for us to be able to speak in the “inflections” signified by “air-quotes,” we need to be able to apply the details of a text “naturally” to our own experiences. While removing the mixed wintry precipitation from my driveway…

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For My Sophomores, About Identity

Is it cheating to re-post on my own site content I’ve written for another site? Maybe this little disclaimer absolves me of any authorial disintegrity, as Virginia Woolf puts it. Then again, maybe my awareness of audience is the very thing that creates such disintegrity. How easy it is to…

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Recommended Reading from This Weekend’s Times

We could have done with far fewer clouds this weekend, but my Sunday morning was brightened a bit by a couple of pieces in the Times’ Sunday Review section that fit perfectly what we’ve been discussing in class. In Journalism, our focus has been on truth, justice and the American…

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