First Week of LLC, Part 1

Today in class we had our first experience with discovery writing, and tomorrow we’ll have our second. Just as a reminder, the homework is to bring in a game, photo(s) and/or book that you associate with your childhood.

I realize that I haven’t explained a whole lot about our class, but I figure that those first day of school explanations can make the day incredibly boring, so I did my best to bore you in a different way. I probably won’t explain things tomorrow, either, but maybe a little game of Blue’s Clues will help you figure out what our first assignment is going to be.

Aww, don’t act like you don’t know Blue’s Clues. The first pawprint was the question I asked you to address (not answer) today: Who are you, this summer? You’ll get the second pawprint in class tomorrow after we play games, but you might have an inkling of what it is right now.

See you in class tomorrow, mis amigos.

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