New Canaan High School is committed to preparing all students to meet the challenges of living in an increasingly global and diverse society. We believe that students learn best in an environment that fosters respect for themselves and others. This allows students to be active participants in their learning, to identify and solve authentic problems and to effectively share their learning with the appropriate audiences. In partnership with parents and the community, we strive to inspire students to the habits of mind and character that will make them lifelong learners.

Academic Expectations
All students will:

  • 1.1  apply analytical and creative thinking to identify and solve problems across disciplines
  • 1.2  reflect thoughtfully on their learning
  • 1.3  communicate effectively
  • 1.4  demonstrate an understanding of healthy life choices

Social Expectations
All students will:

  • 2.1  work responsibly and productively in both independent and collaborative environments
  • 2.2  respect one another

Civic Expectations
All students will:

3.1  contribute positively to the culture of NCHS and the larger community

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