Words You Need to Know: CONTEXT

Maybe a little caffeine isn't such a bad thing. Don't let what happened to Graham Rissel happen to you. Unless it's the part about being a really great writer and going to law school.

I’m sure this is no revelation to you, but nothing happens in a vacuum. You read this not as a neutral human being who exists outside the time-space continuum, but as a senior in high school, burdened consciously and unconsciously with all the accoutrements of senior-ness: new t-shirts, obstructed view…

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Growth Mindset (Inspired by an AP Forum Post)

The Post a Student Wrote in the Forum: Maybe we know that there is a power of sharing ideas and in our massive egos or our attention to the expectations and conventions of the world we live in, we obstruct the purity in our thoughts? Our thoughts are ghosts that we…

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