This Week in Class: Oct. 9-12

It won’t be long until the trees around here start looking like this. This is the Norwalk River, right?

Because in last week’s “This Week” I already wrote about the coming week, I’m going to deviate a bit from the pattern in this week’s “This Week.”

For me, the big decisions of the week are about fashion. I’m thinking purple on Tuesday for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and pink on Wednesday for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’m out on Thursday, as you surely know, so who cares what I wear then? But enough about me; let’s talk about my site.

One thing I’m going to do is draw attention to the poll on the right side of the page on the new site design. I would really like to hear your perspectives on this one.

In AP, I’d like you to read a couple of old blog posts. These contain important principles about reading poetry, principles that will help you pay attention first to the literal progression of ideas instead of to impose some meaning on the poem that forces you to twist the heck out of what the poem actually says. I’m asking you to read these before Thursday’s class, at which point I’ll be hanging out with a bunch of poets learning more fun stuff to teach you about poetry as if the ideas I bring back are my own.

In LLC, we’ll start working on our first thesis essay, this one on Lord of the Flies. It’ll be a pip.

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