This Week in Mr. McAteer’s Class: Sept. 29-Oct. 3

I’ve finally planted Phase One of my new lawn, tweeted my love for Coach Marinelli on win number 300 (though I’ve yet to congratulate him on his new granddaughter, born this weekend), and picked out my outfits for the week

Maybe you didn't know just how much your teachers plan over the weekend, but every detail matters.

Maybe you didn’t know just how much your teachers plan over the weekend, but every detail matters.

(Monday’s red for NCFB, Tuesday’s black for the WPHS swim meet, Wednesday’s purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month…ok, Thursday and Friday are a little up in the air as I’m running out of symbolism).

All that finished, it’s time to gear up for some full-contact literary analysis in room 211, and for some serious production work down in 119. Here’s the complete version of the week:

AP English
Both classes will spend four days with Things Fall Apart, with Period 5 beginning on Monday with a split class – part intro to Things Fall Apart, and part finish your close look at specific details of language from Oedipus.

Once we are all focused on Things Fall Apart, things get very groupal. The first day’s focus will be on distinguishing connotative from denotative language, separating the kind of quotes that support your observations from quotes that allow inference and development of insight into author’s purpose. I’ma give each group a principle of character from Oedipus and ask you to find both kinds of quotes as a way of developing a snese of initial characterization.

On day two of TFA, we’ll turn our attention to plot, and groups will examine some of the different episodes that run through Part 1, with our focus on different layers of beginning middle end (BME). Day three will be a putting the first two together, with a focus on separating initial characterization and plot from the early developing stages, or movement away from what the author initially establishes.

On Friday, both classes will be caught up to one another, and we will close the week with a class designed to lead you to some advanced quote/passage analysis skills. It’s gonna be Awesome, Baby.

If you’re wondering why I just channeled Dick Vitale, it’s because the winter sixth grade girls hoops season begins Saturday. Yes, the start of a winter sport only three games into the soccer season. Ain’t youth sports grand?

Honors Sophomore English
We wrap up the reading of our first novel of the year on Monday night as we get to the fun-filled ending of Lord of the Flies. Class on Wednesday will be dedicated to tying together the lines of inquiry, and trying to get a grasp on the way Golding set us up from the beginning and moved us through middle and end to get to the place he wanted us to go. On Wednesday night, I’ll ask you to prepare for a reading portfolio reflection, which you will write in the first half of class on Thursday, before I introduce you to our essay assignment. Yes, it’s a lot of work, so I will recommend that you take Friday off from school to unscramble your brains.

Once we enter the production phase, all the pressure is on Mr. Cebulski. You will have your introduction to InDesign this week as we take all those edited stories and media and create the first issue of this year’s Courant newspaper. Those students not working on print pages will be finalizing stories for publication on the website. Funnest of all is our first Late Night of the year on Thursday evening. This will be an initiation in varsity journalism for many of you, and it is one of only a handful of nights when I eat food from Chipotle with Kate McMahon, and we try to charge the entire class’s dinner order to Keaton McAuliffe’s parents’ credit card.



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