This Week in Mr. McAteer’s Class: Sept. 4-7

Here’s a look ahead into our work this week:

AP English: On Tuesday, we’ll discuss the nature of freedom, good and evil, institution and belief, all the while maintaining our themeHer Giants jersey was in the wash. of dialogical literature, as those ideas are present in Dostoevsky’s excerpted story, “The Grand Inquisitor.” Those themes will also be present in an excerpt called “The Sermon” from Melville’s Moby Dick. Between our drop dates and the school counselors’ senior Naviance presentations, our discussion of Melville will have to wait for Friday in both classes.

These readings are geared toward inspiring your “Manifesto for Studying Literature.” I will give you a paper copy of the assignment in class, set up a google forum for questions and answers, and share on this site one example of what your manifesto might look like.

Journalism: After we wrap up our discussion of First Amendment rights and responsibilities for high school students and journalists, we will start to apply that teaching to some problems presented in an exercise called “To Report or Not to Report,” which will likely continue into Wednesday. Once we’ve begun to develop a sense of the stories that have news value, we’ll begin to look at the conventions of journalistic writing, with a focus on leads and attribution.

LLC: We will finish the envelope stuffing on Tuesday, and begin the process of finding the right form and the right voice for your “Who, Me?” piece. We will also discuss some of the key terms on the school writing rubric, and what you can do now to steer your writing toward excellence. On Wednesday, we will have the laptops in the classroom to give you a chance to finish drafting your piece, which will be followed by a peer conferring session on Thursday. Revised pieces will be turned in on Friday, when we will begin our first reading unit on Lord of the Flies.

Don’t forget: Thursday is Open House. Encourage your parents to come so they can familiarize themselves with approaches to effectively using the parent portal to your gradebook. Journalism students should tell their parents to go to room 119 on Thursday night.

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