This Week: Nov. 12-16

The disruptions continue, as we try to finish the first quarter and get moving on reading novels so we can get to a stopping point before Thanksgiving. All writing assignments for the first quarter, if they haven’t been handed in, are due Monday.

This one goes out to Holden Caulfield, somewhere out there in literature land. Putting aside cliche DJ schtick for the moment, the idea of this song seems to capture perfectly his plight. The “Moment” in which Holden is stuck, as far as I’m concerned, is the moment of Allie’s death. Anyway, as you know, class is dominated by CrAPT practice on Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday, we finally get back to The Catcher in the Rye. On Monday Night, I’ll ask you to read chapters 16 through 18. On Tuesday night, chapters 19 through 21 (I think). Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will find our classes devoted exclusively to Catcher, and we’ll finish it for Monday, just in time for “I’m Crazy.”

AP English
As you know, I’m asking you to start the next thing while we’re finishing with sonnets. So let me dispense with sonnets first. On Monday and Wednesday, we’ll finish the sonnet presentations. Sandwiched between those presentations is the first draft of the sonnet analysis essay that you’re going to write in class on Tuesday. I’ll give you the essay on Monday so you can read and mark up the sonnet. On Friday, we’ll be visiting with Sarah Kay and Project Voice, which will leave us with Thursday and next Monday for the Sparknotes project discussion. Oh, about that…

We’ll also be starting the Sparknotes Project. As you’ll see when you read the assignment, you’ll be organized into groups, hopefully of four members so the work can be allocated evenly. This is not a group project, however; it’s an individual one, and the groups exist only for the sake of organizing the work. We will have to do some work online through the google doc forum for each book to discuss the details of the first assignment.

If you’re reading one of the Dostoevsky novels, you’ll want to start reading, as you will want to be through about page 160 of The Brothers Karamazov and page 132 of Crime and Punishment. I’m sort of guessing at those numbers now, but I’ll give you more specific details early in the week. If you’re reading One Hundred Years of Solitude or White Teeth, you’ll want to start on Monday.



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