This Week: Oct. 22-26

I’ll have to cut this a bit short because of the mishap at Kate’s soccer game this afternoon (Kate’s team won, 4-0, or nil, if I’m speaking soccer). Anyway, I hope that we’ll be able to put Emma back together again.

In AP, we’re going to take a look at some sonnets that don’t look like sonnets on Monday, and then on Tuesday I’m going to give you the project assignment I mentioned last week. Each class drops this week, so we’ll choose content on Tuesday, work on it the next day, and try to put the presentation together on Friday.

Given the dramatic events at today’s soccer game, I may not have essay drafts returned by Monday, so we’ll have to see where we stand with the Tragedy Essay by Friday thing when we meet on Monday.

You LLCers will get personal essays back on Monday or Tuesday, depending on where you are with the apparently never-ending Lord of the Flies assignment. We have computers on Monday and Tuesday for revision, and on Wednesday we’ll start moving forward with our lives, either by taking the practice CAPT exam we have to take, or by starting The Catcher in the Rye.

I’ll explain about portfolios on Monday.

Journalistas, don’t forget that late night is Monday.

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