This Week: Sept. 8-12

This Week in Mr. McAteer’s Classes

Every Sunday when I have the time, I will try to provide you with an overview of the week’s activities. Because we have Open House on Thursday night, this installment of “This Week in Mr. McAteer’s Classes” might create the impression that I’m very organized and prepared. Classes are organized alphabetically, and I will do my best to distinguish between what happens in the two AP classes without making the post overly confusing.

AP English
This Week we complete the Discovering My Dialogue assignment. As I read The New York Times this morning, I was drawn to the op-ed piece on the importance of liking work, and it struck me that this might be the most important benefit of the dialogue assignment. What I mean will be clearer if you read the piece.

In addition to completing the dialogues, both classes will be visited by the School Counseling department, when they will share with you important information to help you manage all the things seniors have to manage in fall of senior year.

Period 1 is visited on Monday and drops on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I will ask you to select a thematic focus for your dialogues, review my goals for each of the readings I assigned you, and begin the planning for your dialogue or dialogue narrative. Thursday will be a work day with some laptops available so you can write the assignment or dialogue with others about a common theme. You’ll hand in your dialogue by the end of class on Friday. Students in period 5 will begin that sequence on Tuesday, with our discussion of Borges scheduled for Monday. Counselors will come to speak to you on Friday.

Honors Sophomore English
On Monday, I will review some of the standards on the sophomore writing rubric as a means of focusing your feedback in small peer groups. On Tuesday, you will hand in a feedback draft of your How To essay, and we will begin our first reading workshop through a discussion of your views of human nature, which is a key thematic focus of Lord of the Flies. In addition, you will be introduced to a number of possibly new literary terms to guide your inquiry into the text.

We drop on Wednesday, and on Thursday will have a discussion of initial characterization, along with a lesson on critical reading for patterns in a text. We will continue our observations into initial characterization and the establishment of symbols in the story.

On Friday, we reviewed our principles for interviewing and emphasized the importance of ethics, clear communication and reputation. After a brief review of techniques for gathering effective media, you will spend Monday and Tuesday interviewing your sources. On Wednesday, you will have story meetings in your groups to check in on where your progress has taken your story and to adjust plans as necessary. Thursday will be another interviewing period before we drop on Friday.




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