Those Pesky Rubric Terms

School Writing Rubric Updated 11.07.11
So today we deconstructed some important parts of the NCHS Writing Rubric, and if that didn’t give you the same thrill a riding a rollercoaster or surfing the breakers on Hawaii’s North Beach, then it’s time to have someone check your pulse.

While I know that reliving the moment in writing doesn’t reproduce the initial sensation, I figure, what the hey? To recap key terms and key points:

Provocative purpose: remember to write for an audience that is already interested in your topic, and to write to discover something for yourself (rather than to explain something you already know).

Excellent details: as Davis said, details that are specific (names of important people, places, and things your thinking about those nouns as they come up in your writing)

Explores ambiguities: as Lexi said, first you have one thought, but then, later, you think something different. Ambiguities are the things you’re uncertain about, the things you wonder about rather than the things you know.

Pattern of development: in a story, this will be beginning, middle, end. In some pieces, you might find yourself going back and forth in a tug of war between two different ideas or perspectives.

Voice: the language, vocabulary and sentence structure that arises naturally out of your awareness of your narrator and audience.

We didn’t get around to intriguing context, but I promise I’ll get to that next time. Don’t be sad.

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