What I Did on My Winter Vacation

I have been procrastinating on writing a new post – it just seemed like it would take so much effort. But I suppose it’s new year, new energy. So here I go.

First and most impEmma and Kate at Disneyortant – I hope those of you who were sick are now well, that those of you who were stressed are now relaxed, that those of you who were well and relaxed are still well and relaxed.

I made my first trip to Disneyworld in more than three decades (that’s thirty years to you and me, two hundred ten to your dog). We were fortunate enough to do it on the coldest day of our Florida excursion, so most of the photos are of frozen facial expressions. The Magic Kingdom is smaller than I remembered, but I’m looking forward to going back soon.

I did some manly things – uninstalled a dishwasher, put together the new basketball hoop (yes, my jump shot has returned to its 2008 status), and today, I may install a new toilet. Exciting stuff.

As you might notice from the domestic tasks here, the kitchen renovation is over, and 2012, the brutal year of the move and renovation that plagued me for eight months, is mercifully over.

I ran for the first time since December (instead of grading things I should have been grading).

Speaking of things I did instead of grading, I saw Olivia blow up some girl from Wilton in the New Year’s Eve hockey game that the Lady Rams (am I the only one bothered by the fact that our girls’ teams are essential called the female males?) won by a score of 594-2, and in which Olivia and Corbett each scored four hundred goals. Olivia seemed a bit perturbed by the tripping penalties that weren’t called, and the rage with which she checked the offending opponent into the boards was a beautiful thing to behold.

I also had a chance to see the boys basketball team against Staples (the girls were a bit too efficient in dismantling the Wreckers, as we arrived in time to see most of the second half, only to find both teams already dressed and leaving the gym; I’ve never seen 40:00 put on the clock between games). What a deceiving record the boys team has. They have a bunch of skilled guards and wings, and Zach Allen is a beast.

So where do we go from here? Well, it’s a short week, so we don’t go too far.

In AP, we’ll transition our way back into school with the beauty of Dover Beach, a poem that reminds us of the whole dialogue business with which we began our year. On Friday, Borges will set us up for Heart of Darkness with another reminder of the interconnectedness of all things across time and space, and from there, well, it’s pretty obvious that we’re reading Heart of Darkness (unless, of course, I get to school and find that all the Conrads are missing from the bookroom.)

In LLC, we’ll renew our acquaintance with Macbeth, who by now has become Lady Macbeth, and with his wife, who by now has become her husband. We’ll have to dispense with the whole analytical essay idea, as time won’t permit both playing and analyzing, so we’ll have to start to build our way toward play. This is, of course, after I kick your butts about what didn’t happen on the google docs in my absence.

Happy new year, people.

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